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If you twitter – does that mean that you are a twit?

One of the greatest things about going to QCon is that you can meet all the fantastic speakers in a very informal setting. Last night I was having conversations with people like Joe Armstrong, Steve Vinoski, Jonathan Trevor and Kresten Krab Thorup in the hotel bar and that was fantastic – I learned a lot.

The twitter remark that I used for the title is actually a question that Steve Vinoski asked me and because twitter is not that popular in Denmark, I just can’t tell. I do not use twitter – I use the status message in Facebook for that kind of information and that is what most of my friends do.

I asked around at the conference and there was some real twitter fans there but there was also the people who just thought that twitter was blogging taken too far. So if you are a twitter fan or a twitter hater, I would like to hear your opinion.